It was about a week ago that BlackBerry officially announced and released OS 10.2.1 all around the world. Now it seems as though the BB gods have dropped a Valentine’s Day gift on us in the form a leaked update.

The official release that’s been going around is version, and this new leak is While there’s no word on what this new version does, it’s being speculated that it’s mainly bug fixes and the like.

As of right now, the leak has only been for the Z30, and the Z10 STL100-1, but save this page because we’ll update it once we get the autoloader for all the other BlackBerry 10 devices.

Join the conversation in the comments below once you get the OS running on your device and let us know any changes you see!

Disclaimer: You assume all risks when downloading unofficial software releases. N4BB cannot be held liable for any damage, temporary or otherwise, that is done to your phone.