BBM 2.0 is officially rolling out today for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry 10, and BlackBerry OS devices. These updates are not created equal though. Android, and iPhone users will get the most out of it with new emoticons, Glympse, Dropbox support, larger groups (up to 50 people per group), and finally getting access to BBM Voice, and Channels. BlackBerry 10 devices already have Channels, and BBM Voice, so this update brings larger groups, Glympse, new emoticons, and Dropbox support. BlackBerry users on legacy OS devices (5.0 – 7.0) are getting a smaller update though.

According to the Inside BlackBerry blog, “The new version of BBM on BlackBerry (BBM v.10.3) will be available on BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry OS5 and above will also be updated but will not include location sharing or Dropbox integration.”

So, since BlackBerry OS devices have BBM Channel access and BBM Voice, this new update will pretty much be support for larger groups, and the new 100 BBM emoticons. It’s pretty obvious why they’re cutting down on how much is added to older devices’ BBM – it’s pretty slow as it is right now. But hey, if you want a better BBM experience, update that old phone to a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone.