New malware targeting mobile devices and PCs of executives, diplomats and military personnel is in full effect. Blue Coat Labs, a security vendor, has uncovered what it says to be the “most sophisticated” malware attacks it has ever seen.

The malware is being called “Inception” after sci-fi thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The malware is getting spread through rigged attachments to phishing emails and has separate modules designed to target Windows machines, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

Targets of the malware campaign include executives from oil, finance and engineering, military officers, embassy personnel and government officials, said Blue Coat researchers Snorre Fagerland and Wayne Grange.

The malware is affecting legacy BlackBerry smartphones through Java Applications Descriptor (JAD) file to support OTA updates for Java-based apps. Depending on device, the malware collects unique device identifiers, carrier information and activity, such as calls logs and contacts.

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