There were many reports that Beijing-based computer manufacturer Lenovo had actively pursued a bid for BlackBerry. However, the Canadian government allegedly told Lenovo they would not consider a takeover from a Chinese company due to national security concerns, claims sources familiar with the matter.

Ottawa made it known in high-level discussions with BlackBerry that it would not approve a Chinese company buying a company deeply tied into Canada’s telecom infrastructure, sources claim.

Since the Canadian government had made it clear they would not approve a foreign buyout, they never received a formal proposal from BlackBerry with a future that included Lenovo, said sources.

A Canadian government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, cautioned against reading an anti-Chinese policy into the BlackBerry case. “I don’t think anybody should be surprised that we would have concerns like that,” the official said.

“We have been pretty consistent that the message is Canada is open to foreign investment and investment from China in particular but not at the cost of compromising national security.”

The Canadian government can currently rest assured of no proposal for foreign buyout, with today’s announcement of the $1-billion financing with a group led by Fairfax Financial Holdings.

via Globe and Mail