Grab yourself a generous helping of salt for this rumor that seems to be showing up out of no where. An exclusive report from Benzinga states that Chinese-based Lenovo will make a bid to purchase Canadian-owned BlackBerry in the next week.

While it’s a bit weird to hear a spicy rumor like this on a Saturday night, the tech blog states that persons, “familiar with the matter,” are claiming that Lenovo will make an offer of $15/share, but expect it to close at $18/share.

I’m sure we all remember way back in the day when BlackBerry was still Research In Motion, and how Lenovo expressed interest in purchasing the smart phone manufacturer, and how the company promptly shut it down. That was way back in January of 2013. Now here we are again, closing in on two years later with the same rumor floating around the Interwebs.

Time will tell how true this proves to be. In the meantime, don’t forget to stay glued to N4BB for all the breaking BlackBerry news. Even on a Saturday night! Check out the source link below to read the full report from Benzinga.

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