Things are heating up for Lexus’ “Slide” hoverboard. The third teaser video for a sneak peek at its “Back to the Future” Hoverboard was released today with announcement of a full reveal on August 5th.

“The Lexus Hoverboard is almost here…When technology, design and imagination come together amazing things can be achieved. The Lexus hoverboard represents true engineering innovation and can be seen in action soon,” Lexus said in the description under its YouTube video.

Lexus claims the Slide is the “first real, rideable hoverboard”.

“Hoverboard uses magnetic levitation to achieve amazing frictionless movement. Liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets combine to allow Lexus to create the impossible,” the Lexus Slide developers described.

Pro skateboarder Ross McGouran, who is seen riding the Lexus hoverboard, claims the experience has left him “throwing out his natural instincts and starting again.”