Many things were promised to us in the classic Sci Fi movie Back to the Future.  And yet, in the year 2015, to which Marty travels, we are woefully short of flying cars and expanding, one size fits all clothes.

But thanks to Lexus, we are not left completely empty handed.  Engineers at Lexus have developed a working hoverboard, arguably the most iconic item from the Back to the Future series.  What it is, is a stylishly designed board wrapped around liquid nitrogen super conductors.  What it isn’t is a hoverboard you can take with you to the skate park.  It’s still very cool.


Lexus engineers figured out a way to cool the super conductors in such a compact way they fit in a small assembly under a standard skateboard deck.  At a quick glance, aside from the nitrogen steam venting out, it looks like a normal skateboard.  But, as several professional skaters discovered, it’s a lot harder to ride than your usual board.  The skate park featured in Lexus’ video has been modified with permanent magnets, however, something the streets and sidewalks don’t have.  So, it’s not a go everywhere hoverboard, it is a self-contained hoverboard.  Check out the videos of a live demonstration and the story behind its creation.