Google’s Nexus will be getting a refresh this year. That’s definitely a given. The biggest question that’s yet to be answered however if who will be helping out with the hardware. Both Huawei and LG have been linked to this new device, and now we’re getting some solid proof LG will at least be doing one of a possible multiple-device Nexus lineup.

The picture shown above, was leaked in Google+ and appears to confirm certain rumors we had heard about the new Nexus 5. It features a rear fingerprint scanner that looks a lot like TouchID, and appears to be around the 5.2-inch size we’ve been told is coming. The camera is also bulging a little, so hopefully that means we’ll some upgrade tech internally in that department as well.


This is most likely not going to be the only Nexus device refreshed this year. Rumors have it that Huawei will indeed be making the bigger 5.7-inch Nexus 6 refresh in order to take on Apple and their iPhone 6s Plus in the fall.


It definitely makes a lot of sense for Google to be looking at two device launches in the next couple of months because frankly, most Android users are divided between wanting a gigantic phone, and one with a 5-inch display but top of the line specs as well. Both of the devices should be launching with Android M sometime in the fall.