Haha, LG you’re cute when you sponsor disparaging remarks against your competitors. Maybe you should be trying to siphon users away Samsung? But hey, gotta give them a nod for being this desperate (gotta fight the battles you think you can actually win). As if BlackBerry’s ~70 million user base would run to an LG before an iPhone or Samsung device (let alone the 4 modern BB10 options including a 5″ Z30 device). All in all the image above reflects an overriding break in communication between BlackBerry the company and BlackBerry the product. The vultures are circling. Trying to pick at pieces, collecting on the job cuts and thoroughly disheartening potential BB10 buyers.

We may have to wait until the buyout talks are over for there to be a real resolve. But remember, the strong resolve to fight. Question is does BlackBerry have any fight left? I think they do. And what’s more the fans do as well. If you were to check out the actual link there are hundreds of comments bashing LG and praising BlackBerry. Goes to show you. We are here. And we believe in BlackBerry.