Ever wanted an app that had absolutely everything? We’re talking GPS, navigation, actionable location messaging, friends/family locator,
local listing/reviews, satellite map, street view, cheap gas finder,
news, video, traffic, Twitter, emails, IMs, Facebook, MySpace,
LinkedIn, YouTube, music, movies, local events, TV guide, weather,
finance, banking, sports, flights, magazines, fashion, cooking,
transportation, travel, yellow/white pages, dictionary, translation,
bible and much more real-time information and services?

Haha, yes, the list can go on even further! LifeInPocket has just released for BlackBerry devices. A free application, LifeInPocket also enables address book sync/import with many web address
books. Users can one-click on those synced contacts to “call,” to
“mail” and to “navigate” via their phones using LifeInPocket
address book or BlackBerry address book.

Your BlackBerry is now your Life In Your Pocket. You can,

  • Use LifeInPocket to replace tens of other apps
  • Personalize and view news, magazines, sports, finance, business, specialized search, and etc.
  • Use BlackBerry/LifeInPocket address book to navigate via voice instructions.
  • Plan your trip on your PC, sync then click and go
  • View real time traffic condition
  • Personalize your local search criteria by PC and phone
  • Find nearby restaurants/business, read real people’s reviews then take you there via turn by turn voice directions
  • Find emergency roadside assistances
  • Send
    your location messages to family/friends instantly. They can then click
    on the location to view map, search nearby restaurants to lunch
    together or navigate them there
  • Much more … 

RoadComm inc., creator of LifeInPocket, sounds very confident that this app will revolutionize the BlackBerry. Want to give it a try? Get it here for free.