Your favorite celeb to wish death upon might not have the brains to end her self-demolishing drug habits or DUIs. But, Lindsay Lohan at least has enough sense to keep rocking a BlackBerry. What kind of BlackBerry is Lilo sporting this time? Well, like any celeb with cash to burn, she’s on the Porsche designed P’9981.

Lohan, who has a history of using BlackBerry, was seen sporting the BlackBerry P’9981 when leaving The Dream Hotel after a night of partying in New York City. She apparently wasn’t drinking, but we’ll leave that one up to the gossip sites. Nevertheless, we’re at the very least happy to see the indirect BlackBerry plug. Perhaps, any of Lilo’s fans (are there any more out there?) will wonder what that silver phone she’s sporting and do a Google search.

via INF Daiy