You might have caught the small (rant?) editorial on my confusion by the lack of Theme Builder 7. There are a lot of benefits reaped by themes on BlackBerrys. A friend, @StephenBB81, tweeted at Alec Saunders saying, “How are the developer relations going with Theme developers with the lack of a Theme Builder for OS7 or BBX”. Mr Saunders is Research In Motion’s new VP of Developer Relations.

According to Saunders response, RIM is “still working on it [Theme Builder 7]. Liquid Graphics broke theme engines, and I’m working with team to determine if we can fix.” Now we finally have some inkling as to what is taking so long for Theme Builder 7 to release. Let us hope, seriously lots of hope, that they can figure out the issue and be able to correct it. Otherwise, theme developing really will be lost, that is as long as liquid graphics is used.