BlackBerry has officially announced their year-end and fourth quarter report of fiscal 2015.

Revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2015 was approximately $660 million, including a negative $12 million impact from currency fluctuation. The revenue breakdown for the quarter was approximately 42% for hardware, 47% for services and 10% for software.

During the fourth quarter, the Company recognized hardware revenue on approximately 1.3 million BlackBerry smartphones. Approximately 1.6 million BlackBerry smartphones were sold through to end customers, with an ASP of $211 compared to $180 in the previous quarter.

“Our focus this past year was on getting our financial house in order while creating a multi-year growth strategy and investing in our product portfolio. We now have a very good handle on our margins, and our product roadmaps have been well received,” said Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen. “The second half of our turnaround focuses on stabilization of revenue with sustainable profitability and cash generation.”

Follow the earnings call with BlackBerry CEO John Chen in our live blog below. The conference call can also be accessed by dialing in at 1-888-503-8168, or logging on here.