Here’s a nice picture to start off the beginning of the weekend. Low and behold after the official announcement from RIM and Verizon that they will be carrying the BlackBerry Curve 9330, we now get to see a live image of one. What else is great is that it is running OS 6!

The Curve 9330 will release with OS 5, just like the 9300 also did. However, we definitely know it will be able to run OS 6, with the recent OS leak. It is surprising that the 9330 will get OS 6 before the 9300. But remember, OS 6 may or may not get officially approved, it is up to the carrier.

Nevertheless, Verizon is advertising the Curve 9330 for $29.99 w/ 2-yr contract and Sprint has it pegged at $49.99. Now that we see the Curve 9330 has OS 6 support, does it make it more appealing?

Wondering how fast it is? So far we’ve heard good things about its performance, but we will update you soon with more details, photos, and possibly video.