Side-loading Android and other apps onto BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook has been fairly easy on a Mac. Although, there wasn’t a simple program like Windows users had enjoyed, until now. (see how to side-load Android apps on Windows here)

In this tutorial you will see how to side-load apps onto BlackBerry 10 using an automator script made by Darryl Kraemer, which simplifies the entire process.

[highlight style=’pear-green’] Step 1 [/highlight]

Download these essential tools:

[highlight style=’pear-green’] Step 2 [/highlight]

Unzip into your /user/ folder. The files have been rearranged from in the original Playbook_Tools folder already, which takes away a needless step.


Open the Playbook_Tools folder and find file PB-Installer.bat and open in a text editor. Here you’ll see a pre-filled IP address and password. Change these to whatever you will set your BlackBerry 10 device to in development mode. Command + S to quickly save the changes to the file.

[highlight style=’misty-rose’] Important: [/highlight] The Playbook_Tools folder is also where you will want to move all of the Android and other app .BAR files t