I like this idea. Just the other day while trying to argue BBMs overall security it dawned on my that the darn app isn’t even password protected. Anyone could pick up my phone and read through catalogs of conversations. Both in business and in life, double-down,two layered security is becoming a minimum requirement.

Email isn’t as safe as it used to be. When we look at an application like Private Messages for BBM you gain more flexibility and layered security gateways to protect your sensitive conversations.

“Private Messages for BBM™ allows users to send and receive private messages protected by a password. All the messages will be transferred over BBM™ and will be encrypted.

Locking this app with your Password enhances your BBM message privacy. It is a privacy protection app that offers a secure way to send secure messages to your BBM™ contacts. All the messages sent over BBM™ are also encrypted by AES-128.

The private messages self-destruct from device for additional security so that no one can access this message without your password. You can only view this secured message from this app by logging in with your password. It protects your BBM™ communications from intrusions and unauthorized access.

The app will be also available for Android devices next month.” 

With this tailored secure channel for BBM you add a few more layers of security to optimize the apps utility.