We’ve wondered what BBM’s next big update in the multi-platform world would be. Today, the BBM team has let us in on some goodies that are on the way for iPhone and Android users in 2014. They’ve posted a little teaser video, which you can see above, showing off all the upcoming features on BBM for iPhone and Android.

As expected, BBM Voice will work pretty close to how it works on BlackBerry 10 today. The call screen for that BBM Voice call does look a little familiar, right?

BBM Channels Android

BBM Channels, an integral part of the BBM experience moving forward, will also be making its debut on Android, and iPhone in 2014. The Channels UI is pretty much on point with BB10, so no real surprises there.

No word on an exact date BBM Voice and Video will hit Android, and iPhone, but the beta testing has begun according to BlackBerry.