Not all of the BlackBerry built apps will be making their way to BlackBerry 10. At least, not anytime soon. However, BlackBerry users who have grown fond of the BlackBerry Tavel app will be glad to know it’s coming soon.

We had access to an early build of BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10. Suffice to say it’s a very nice step up in terms of UI from the one found on legacy devices.

BlackBerry Travel for BB10 lets you create a trip, make reservations, check and search flights, search locally, calculate currency, view weather and world clocks, and it has LinkedIn support.

BlackBerry Travel has some of these features supported via Expedia and OAG. All in all, BlackBerry Travel for BB10 runs quite well. Though, things are still being tweaked and you can expect it to release soon. Until then, check out the photo gallery below: