Research In Motion is expected to soon release BlackBerry OS 7.1, the update said to bring the HotSpot feature and much more. One of the nice new features we’ll find in OS 7.1 is an ‘Emergency Alert Messages’ system. This new feature looks to help keep you in the loop for various threat alerts and more.

This system lets you select up to 5 different kind of alert notifications. These alerts include: Extreme threat, Severe threat, Amber alert, Monthly alert tests, and Presidential alert. Each alert appears to have the ability to be disabled, except for the Presidential alert (not sure what exactly it is).

If there is an alert a new message icon appears on your homescreen. We eagerly awaiting the release of BlackBerry OS 7.1 and all of its new features. We’re curious to see how well this new emergency alert system functions and what kind of alerts pass through. More importantly how RIM will utilize the service with local and federal authorities. Would you keep this service enabled or disabled?