With the PIM API, Research In Motion is allowing developers a way to integrate with the core information apps on BlackBerry 10 (Email, Contacts, Calendar, etc). 89Apps discovered that one of the PIM services is “Notebooks”, which RIM describes as:

Notebooks let you create, store, and manipulate lists of actionable or non-actionable items. For example, you might create a notebook that represents a grocery list, which contains items to purchase. Or, you could create a notebook consisting of gifts you’d like for your birthday. You can use the Notebook APIs to add, remove, or update items in notebooks, create new notebooks, and so on.

These Notebooks essentially make up what will be the Remember app in BlackBerry 10. There are essentially 4 type of Notebooks:

  • Generic: notebook stored locally on device
  • ActiveSyncMemo: synced to your ActiveSync account as a Memo (note)
  • ActiveSyncTask: synced to your ActiveSync account as a Task (a todo item)
  • Evernote: synced to your Evernote account

Yes, you read that right, Evernote will be deeply integrated into BlackBerry 10. How deeply integrated? Evernote integration will be system wide. The account login is managed within the System Settings alongside your Email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Since this information is out, we’ve been given the first photos of Evernote for BlackBerry 10. Have a gander and let us know what you think of Evernote for BB10.

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