Apple’s iTunes has become the pinnacle in digital sales for music. However, BlackBerry could be well on their way to reaching closer and closer to iTunes marketshare.

“20 per cent of overall purchases on BlackBerry World is music,” Charlie Miller, BlackBerry’s Director of Alliances said to TrustedReviews, he added: “That’s just music, not movie and TV and that’s a lot higher than some.”

“The breakdown of sales is a really interesting trend that we follow,” Miller said. “Right now, we see a higher proportion of album sales than is typical. Still the primary purchase is singles but we do see a very high number of album sales coming through.”

Miller says their music sales are notably higher than some of their competitors. “I can’t comment on the other guys, but what I can say is that proportionally that is a very high number,” said Miller.

As the BlackBerry 10 operating system and its adjacent devices grow in popularity, it should only mean for greater sales. Do you think BlackBerry World could ever grow to the size of Apple’s App Store and iTunes?