Hello everyone and thank you for joining me on another one of my so called fanboy rants. I’ve been told plenty of times that I am very biased towards my Bold 9900 and to be honest it’s probably true.  I happen to always be on the move either traveling or working and my device must be able to be productive and entertaining.  Today, while I sit at work on a very long break, I picked up my 9900 and fired away a few emails, listened to a little music, and even browsed a few YouTube videos.  I want to hear how you guys use your favorite BlackBerry device on a daily basis. The first 10  responses will receive a free N4BB sticker!  As for me.. This is how my day goes with my trusty 9900:

As soon as I wake up, I check my emails and BBM’s. Right away I will check today’s weather on BeWeather and proceed to dress accordingly. You never want be under dressed or over dressed right?!  By the time I am ready to leave the house I fire up some BBM music and off I go. Being a “dramatic” BlackBerry fanatic, I constantly check my Bloomberg app to see what RIM stock is trading at. Usually the result is me firing expletives at the wall and pulling my hair out with some of the ridiculous articles! Of course to calm me down, I usually turn to my eBay app where I monitor items I have for sale. Or, look for items I might need to purchase. Electronics and usually new Devices seem to always make me happy. I use eBay a lot and this app is one of my favorites!

During my free time I will fire some BBM’s or engage in conversation in the BB Juice group (shout out to the best group of BB loyalists). As for entertainment, I do play some NEED FOR SPEED or browse Annoying Orange videos on YouTube with my little nephew Ricardo. Sometimes I’ll play a little Angry Pigs (still love this game) or a little Solitaire.  What I love the most are the conversations I have with those of you on Twitter. You can follow me @NikoG21.  I am always available for a good BlackBerry conversation or to provide any help I can! That’s enough about me. Tell me how you use your BlackBerry everyday and win some awesome N4BB stickers!

P.S. Don’t Forget to keep it locked to N4BB for live updates and breaking news from BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam 10 Conferences in May!