The A-to-Z guide on online games and how they are made


Most of us has enjoyed the end product: a complete online game that captivates our attention, entertains us, and rewards us accordingly. The actual process of making online games is far more complex. It all begins with game design. Designers will need to complete a basic description of the key features of the game. Additionally, it becomes important to establish what objectives are expected of the player. The game designers will collaborate with the game developers and thrash out some exciting ideas in this regard.

It always helps to create a game design with a basic layout of how individual game screens should feature. Detail is not as important as the overall concept that is being generated. Once the user interface is built, the basic sketches that have been created will act as a superb blueprint for the overall game design. There are various methods available to help create a game. One of the most popular is ActionScript 3. This is used for Flash games – browser based games that run with no download needed. However, designers are in a league of their own and typically utilize high end programs for game creation with extensive coding experience needed.

Flash-Based Game Functionality


Flash technology remains a popular choice for game designers, but there are other methods available. These include Construct 2 (HTML 5). The good news is that no coding know-how is required. It utilizes what is known as Scripting, in much the same fashion as Stencyl. The latter option for creating games is a relatively new tool. It is the preferred choice for building games with logic scripts and objects. These can then be converted into browser-based projects and then uploaded to any website that employs Flash functionality. You could go the other route and opt for Flash builder, but you will need to have the requisite knowledge in ActionScript. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to learn and it offers top-tier functionality.

In terms of designing online games with Stencyl, all you need to do is download the game creation program. Once again, you don’t need to have any extensive coding knowledge. This program, like others, is available for free but if you wish to have the logo removed and have the game published to external websites that you control, it needs to be a paid version. Fortunately, many of these game creation programs provide examples to help you along the way. You will see just how easy it is to create an online game by reviewing previously created games. You also have the option to download kits from other game creators.    Game information needs to be created and entered with things like your game name, and the screen size that you are looking for. Typically, 640 x 480 pixels are selected.


Creating an Online Games for Players


Game layout is important. This matters irrespective of the type of game being created. Whether you are in the process of creating a search and rescue game, anime adventure game or a run-of-the-mill game of Snakes and Ladders, it’s imperative to develop a strategic plan and map it out in stages. There are myriad examples of how the best online games are created,and they all share commonalities: an investment of time, effort and expertise. Interestingly enough, the timeline for game creation is extensive. Depending on how in-depth you would like your game to be, it can take anywhere from 1 year or more from inception to the rollout of the online game.

As case in point, the creation of an online slot machine game – the Internet equivalent of land-based Vegas slots – requires the expert involvement of 12 people. This is quite an undertaking because each person has a specific role to fill in the creation of the game. You will for example need a designer, a server developer, a mathematician, creative team, a project manager, front-end developers and a game configurator among others. This is for commercial rollout and it naturally needs to be watertight and compliant with all regulatory standards.

Edits and Customization in Online Gaming


If you are simply opting for a standard game you will invariably need to fully customize an actor in the game. The actor is not necessarily a creature or a character, rather it is any object that is manipulated or moved in the context of the game. There is interaction between the actor and the player. This could take the form of a chicken, a mouse, a button, a door, a flying object or anything that is used to act as the player in the game interface.

Once the controls have been set and fullcustomization of behavior has been adopted, the actor becomes an extension of the player in the virtual world. This is where fusion between the real and the surreal comes into play. Once the scene has been set in the online game, courtesy of the right background and props, the game progresses in earnest. An important aspect of an online game is gravity. This is important in that it simulates a fantasy world, or a real world scenario. The closer the game gravity is to real life, the less ‘unreal’ or ‘amazing’ the game will be.

Getting Ready to Roll out the Online Game


As the game advances to its final stages, it is ready for testing. Once the actors are in place and the scene has been set, it’s time to test the game’s overall functionality. By using some of the aforementioned programs, you can easily test how the game runs with what you have already created. Edits are possible at this stage too. You always have the option to add additional information during each of your playable scenes to ensure that the game in various levels and challenges and quests meets your standards.

Remember that site locking is important if you are uploading your game to a flash-based website. You can then export your finished product, whether it is an online car racing game, online slot game or online fashion game direct to your publisher. Remember that there are multiple products that can be used to create online games. While we have listed Construct 2 and Stencyl as to terrific examples, there are complex programs and extensive coding language that can be learned to help you create the ultimate realistic game.