Themes haven’t been available for the new OS7 devices due to RIM saying BlackBerry Theme Builder 7 “broke liquid graphics”. We previously reported that Magmic was working on getting themes on OS7 devices, despite there not being any Theme Builder to aid them. Turns out they were successful by making ‘Deck The Halls’ Holiday theme for the Bold 9900 and 9930.

“Deck the Halls Theme from Magmic brings the holiday decor to your Blackberry wallpaper with a creative twist. As the days in December pass, this theme will gradually add decorations all over, transforming a normal room into a cozy den suited for the holiday season*. Keep a keen eye out to find all the changes! This theme comes with an icon package complete with a festive wreath to highlight your favourite apps. Download Deck the Halls, the perfect theme for the holiday season.”

You can get Deck The Halls theme for $2.99 in their Bplay store. This theme is also available for OS6 devices. Check out Deck The Halls theme here.