Comwave announced today that they have released Comwave ePhone for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The app that allows you to make and receive phone calls using your PlayBook from anywhere, and make and receive calls just like a regular phone.  Additionally, Comwave ePhone allows consumers to make Video Calls to other ePhone users as well at no additional charge.

Comwave ePhone is currently free for 30days with 100 minutes to call anyone in over 60 countries. Once the free trial has expired, you have the option to purchase the app for $20/year. Comwave ePhone features include:

  • Unlimited Free Incoming calls
  • 250 Free Minutes per month to call almost 60 countries
  • No monthly fees…Just a one-time annual fee of $20
You can start your free trial by downloading the Comwave ePhone app from BlackBerry App World.

Thanks agentjucey for sending this in!