Sometimes accessories for smartphones can be pretty expensive given the level of craftsmanship and materials used.

Other times, they’re relatively cheap, only made from plastic in China. However, there is an interesting conundrum with the case shown above, as it falls into the former category of one that is very expensive.

This leather holster for the BlackBerry Passport rings up for a steep US$149.99 or CA$169.99. It’s also likely made in China, like most other BlackBerry accessories.

Shop BlackBerry describes it as such:

“Secure, Easy Access. Bring your BlackBerry® Passport with you wherever you go with the BlackBerry Passport Leather Swivel Holster.  Featuring power saving technology and made of hand-crafted in genuine leather with a soft inner lining for protection, you can be sure your BlackBerry Passport will help you power through your day.  The holster also has a durable 360° rotating belt clip and secure magnetic flap to provide comfort and choice in how you wear it.”

I’m not sure what exactly makes this such a special case to warrant such a high price. BlackBerry doesn’t describe if the type of leather is pigmented, aniline, or semi-aniline. Is it full or antique grain? Was it made from cattle, pig, sheep, or goat?

There’s literally no information regarding the quality of leather, besides it is “genuine.” Phew, that’s a relief. At least we know it’s real. But, where are the deets!

An analogy would be: a smartphone manufacturer trying to sell a smartphone without giving any details on its specifications. A bit silly, no?

To top it off, BlackBerry isn’t a design house. This isn’t Porsche Design we’re talking about. The holster pretty much looks and functions as any normal BlackBerry device holster.

For comparison’s sake, the leather holster for the Classic, BlackBerry’s other recent PKB device, costs only $39.99. Of course, I realize less materials were needed, given the Classic is smaller in size than the Passport. But, a US$110.00 difference?

What are your thoughts on the price of this holster? Is it something you would consider buying, or do you think it’s a tad too pricey? Let us know in the comments below!

For more information or to purchase the Passport leather holster, get it here.