Some people love to jailbreak their iPhones because it gives you the ability to customize and do a ton of cool things on your device. Unfortunately, since you’re giving apps more control over your phone, you’re at risk of having them take information you don’t want them to have access to. A new study has found just that has been happening. A new malware strain, nicknamed KeyRaider, is responsible for over 225,000 Apple IDs being stolen from jailbroken iPhones.

According to Engadget, “the software takes advantage of Chinese app repositories that let people directly upload and share their own titles. If you happen to download the code, it’ll either scoop up your Apple account data (to give rogue users “free” apps) or hold your phone for ransom.”


If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, you have nothing to worry about here thankfully. A lot of jailbreak fans also know how to ensure their devices are protected, so before deciding to go this route with your iOS device, you may want to look into it a little bit more.

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