Keeping your identity secure is not only essential, but smart. A good way in doing so is using tw0-factor authentication for your favorite web services.

Although, it can sometimes get pretty hectic trying to manage the authentication codes. Enter Authomator, the natively built BlackBerry 10 app to help you manage these two-factor authentication codes.

Since two-factor authentication codes are only valid for a certain amount of time, there is a custom-built indicator that tells you how long the code is valid for. As it gets closer to expiring, it subtly changes colour from blue to red so you know what’s happening.

Users can copy the current code to the clipboard, so they can paste it into other apps. Users can also edit the account details to provide better descriptions for quick viewing. The most compelling feature is the ability to show codes on the home screen.

The active tile for Authomator is pretty cool. With this feature, users have their most used codes available at a glance, at all times. The codes automatically update every 30 seconds, so users always have the most recent codes, without having to keep Authomator open.

Authomator is available for free in BlackBerry World here. A premium version is available via in-app purchase, which disables ads and brings added features.