There was an non-profit initiative that has been pushing the ‘PlayBook Moon Rover’, which seemingly had some users confused with the recent Mars Curiosity Rover. However, as pointed out in the forums thread on the Mars Curiosity using QNX, the rover is actually utilizing VxWorks by Wind River.

Both VxWorks and QNX are real-time operating systems, therefore it’s up for debate on which would outperform the other. Nevertheless, VxWorks touts the following:

  • Proven: VxWorks is the RTOS that powers more than 1 billion real-time systems across the globe, from small consumer products to commercial airliners. When the consequences for failure are expensive or, worse, life threatening, VxWorks RTOS is the only choice. After 30 years of RTOS leadership and consistently successful deployments, Wind River is the name you know you can trust.
  • Optimized: VxWorks RTOS has been optimized for performance, determinism, and code footprint on each processor platform it runs on. VxWorks RTOS is also optimized for specialized hardware support for such features as network acceleration and graphics. Why waste processing power on a non-optimized RTOS?
  • Innovative: VxWorks is leading the market in RTOS innovation. The first RTOS with 32-bit and 64-bit processing, multi-core and multi-OS support, and diverse connectivity options, VxWorks provides our customers with the leading-edge RTOS functionality they require to stay competitive. Why go with an RTOS that doesn’t provide the solutions you need to take advantage of the latest technology?

VxWorks looks to be the evil twin of QNX. Should RIM investigate a hostile acquisition before someone else plans to utilize VxWorks mobile platform? Or, do you believe QNX is fine by itself and will eventually outshine VxWorks?