BlackBerry was the first to be approved for MasterCard mobile payments. You should listen to the interview we recently conducted with RIM’s Senior Product Manager of NFC. MasterCard has now released its PayPass Developer Toolkit with BlackBerry OS 7 support.

The toolkit provides app libraries, guides, and sample apps to aid companies that want to develop their own mobile payment app. Rather than build an app from scratch, MasterCard has created an SDK for BlackBerry 7 devices that can support PayPass Tap-and-Go payments on NFC-capable phones.

This should help speed up the process for developers who want to make their own custom branded mobile payments app, but work off of the PayPass back-end. MasterCard already has thousands of sales terminals that accept contactless payments through PayPass, so this encourages the many banks that have not yet become involved with mobile payments to extend support of that feature to customers.

We can only hope that with the foundation blocks getting in place, NFC will become a strategic feature for BlackBerry. If you’re a developer interested in designing or adding mobile payment options to an app, you can download the MasterCard PayPass SDK for free here.

via MobileBurn