Max Secure Software has launched Max Battery Optimizer for BlackBerry 10. Max Battery Optimizer is a complete all in one battery utility, which allows the user to get peak battery performance.

It is a full-scale battery manager with the following features:

  • Dynamic battery time estimation with detailed estimations for each battery-consuming feature.
  • An alert for battery overheat.
  • Charger plugged/unplugged alert.
  • Battery health monitor.
  • Optimize battery analyzer.
  • Wireless connection indicators with an active frame.
  • BBM connection to update status on low battery percentages.

Max Battery Optimizer is fully integrated with the hub and BBM. The app is developed using Cascades to provide maximum performance. The app also provides the user with information on how the settings can be further optimized to enhance battery performance.


Max Battery Optimizer for BlackBerry 10 is available on BlackBerry World for US $ 1.99 here.