From the creators of the first anti-virus for BlackBerry 10, Max Secure Software has launched Max File Shredder for BlackBerry 10. Max File Shredder shreds the selected files beyond recovery.

Max File Shredder is a privacy protection software that completely shreds the files you specify, beyond recovery. Similar to the PC, the “delete” operation only changes bits of information about the files so they appear deleted in OS. It is easy to retrieve those files using specialized file recovery software. Max File Shredder solves this problem by permanently erasing all the bytes of the file.

Max File Shredder app goes beyond that by shredding all personal and confidential files from the device instead of only marking them as deleted. This privacy tool is the first file shredder for BlackBerry 10.

Max File Shredder for BlackBerry 10 is on BlackBerry World for US $ 1.99 available here.