Max Secure Software announced today the release of version 5.3 of Max Mobile Security for BlackBerry 10. The new update features complete integration with native features like the Hub, notifications, background scans with active frame, context menu with social and BBM sharing.

The UI/UX is completely designed from ground up for BlackBerry 10 devices. Max Mobile Security is the first AntiVirus for BlackBerry 10, which protects it from malicious third party applications (side-loaded) and malicious files.

Max Mobile Security is also now Built for BlackBerry certified. This App has achieved the Built for BlackBerry designation. This means that it has been through a rigorous approval process at BlackBerry and will deliver a quality BlackBerry 10 experience.

Max Secure Software is also launching Max Safe Browser very soon. It is an anti-phishing & enhanced privacy browser, offering an enriching browser experience with the Flow Bar. It will be a free add-on to Max Mobile Security users.

Max Mobile Security for BlackBerry 10 is available on BlackBerry World for $9.99 in BlackBerry World here.