A new actor has joined the cast of the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones for season 6. The very well respected and excellent actor Max von Sydow will be playing Three-Eyed Raven in the coming season. Though his role won’t be one of the main characters, it was described as crucial. That’s all we’re getting about him for now.

In case you don’t know Max von Sydow, he appeared popular TV Show The Tudors, Minority Report, Shutter Island, and will be on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will be in theaters December 18.

The Three-Eyed Raven first showed up on Game of Thrones on the Season 4 finale, after Bran Stark, who wasn’t in the last, reached the Weirwood Tree. We have no idea what will happen next, now that the TV show has caught up with the books, but the cast looks promising. If you still haven’t watched Game of Thrones, what on earth are you waiting for?!