MeasureMe is an interesting application. I rushed into testing and boy was I lost. I took the time and actually used the application, read the support help, and watched the YouTube video. After I grasped how the application worked I was able to unlock its utility.

The UI of this application leaves a bit to be desired, it is not obvious what items you can interact with and which are just feeding back data to you. The application allows your to measure tons of things directly on your device. You can measure height and distance. You can also head into the dimensions tab and use a simple interface to square up an area on on your screen.

This app utilizes the camera and some measurement algorithms to estimate these measurements in a flexible lightweight way. There’s a section of the application that allows you to slide as a measure but I have not been able to get that working… Here is the full list of features.


  • Measure the distance to any object, near or far, small or big remotely by just pointing to its base.
  • Measure the dimensions of any objects by three ways:
  1. The Main tool: move the pointer on the screen from the base to the top of the object and you get its height instantly. Appropriate for near and far objects.
  2. The Dimensions tool: just move the lines on the screen to be around the borders of the object and you get its height and width. Appropriate for objects at medium distance. Also the tool can be switched to measure dimensions of tiny objects like a coin.
  3. The Slide Meter is a handy tool to measure the dimensions of near objects by just sliding your phone from one edge to the other.
  • Miscellaneous measurements:
  1. Campus, (with inclination indicator)
  2. Altitude measurement
  3. Metal Detection. You can adjust the sensitivity from the Settings page.
  4. GPS Earth surface distance and speed measurement.
  5. GPS Earth vertical distance and speed measurement.
  6. Surrounding temperature indicator (got from the battery temperature).
  • Support to the international system of units (meters, C, etc.) and the imperial system (ft, F, etc.)
  • You can use switch ON Flashlight from Settings page (to be used in measuring dimensions in low ambient lighting environments).
  • Support of measurements calibration for better measurements. You can restore default calibration from the Settings page.

Overall, I had a nice experience with the application. There are definitely use cases where being able to seamlessly get dynamic measurements like this can be of great benefit. I’d love to see some more UI polish so as to make all the features more obvious. Until that happens there is a full blown rundown on the developers website which helped me immensely. Learn more at SEC.