BlackBerry smartphone users now have an easier way to connect with their friends:  Meebo. The Meebo app for BlackBerry smartphones is launching in Beta today.  It allows people to connect to and manage their Meebo accounts while mobile, and chat with friends from a number of different communication networks across the web including AIM, Yahoo!, Google, Facebook and more.

The Meebo app for BlackBerry smartphones has been custom-designed with a Meebo-friendly experience that’s simple, easy and fun to use.  Two tabs – “Buddies” and “Chats” – scroll with you as you search for friends or update your status.  You can also check your accounts through an easy-to-access pop-up menu.
For current Meebo users, the app will automatically adapt to their account settings, and any active conversations on Meebo will seamlessly transition from the desktop to the mobile device.
Meebo supports the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone.  And best of all, it’s free.
Users can download the app to their BlackBerry smartphone by visiting http://www.meebo.com/blackberry/.  To see a preview of the app, click here.