Meet Your Device gives all information about the peformance from blackberry 10 device. The app has no been updated and its better than ever. Check below more information and i highly recommend you give this app a go

Check and create reports from Battery, RAM, device, operating system, and share it in BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter or via E-mail, you know your friends from your BBM profile of what your device and operating system are you using.

– Average download
– Energy level
– Battery status
– Battery temperature
– Battery condition
– Number of loads
– Battery Usage Charts

– Memory Available
– Memory used
– Total Memory
– Changes in Memory
– Percentage of Memory
– Memory usage charts

– Hardware ID
– Device Model
– Number of Device
– Device IMEI
– PIN Dispisitivo
– Processor
– Operating System

In-App logs:
– Check periodicals logs inside the app

Radio Info:
– Host Number
– Supported Networks

– Resolution
– Pixel Density
– Support Attach
– Primary ID

New on this version:

– Built for BlackBerry Designation
– Some minor bugs fixed
– Storage Information with bars
– Led changer on incoming calls
– File size smalled
– Battery mAh on real-time

Use the alarm to notify if you have low memory
Export Performance reports periodically in TXT or CSV

Download Meet Your Device Here