John Mutter, Enterprise Mobility Architect Leader at Research In Motion, is here at BlackBerry 10 Jam – Enterprise Edition to talk to developers about creating enterprise apps for BlackBerry 10.  His job is to ensure that BlackBerry developers have the right tools and environment to create secure and functional BlackBerry 10 enterprise apps. “I’m a developer by trade”, says John Mutter.  “We’re helping companies build apps.  We want to arm BlackBerry Enterprise developers with what they need to develop for BlackBerry 10.”

In the enterprise world, BYOD (bring your own device), is a reality (and getting realer by the moment).  Employees want to be able to use their personal devices in the workplace without having to deal with a second device that they may not want to use.  Opening up with this controversial subject, John asks,”What if BYOD was just a way for people to get email on other platforms?”

At the heart of RIM’s enterprise strategy, BYOD is taken into account.  When confidentiality means more than just secure work email, you’re going to want to look at BlackBerry 10.  BlackBerry 10 smartphones are built to be these types of devices by satisfying you personally and the IT department that doesn’t want their confidential information leaked to everyone and their dog.

“BlackBerry balance, it has two individual personae, work profile and personal profile.  Work is work, play is play”.  Both profiles are separated by the micro-kernel that controls access to the different file systems,” says John.

“The second you have enterprise information on a device, you need an MDM solution.  BlackBerry Mobile Fusion gives you one single MDM solution that spans across multiple platforms.  To cover these platforms, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio comprises BES for BlackBerry 7, BlackBerry Device Service for PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 devices, and Universal Device Service for iOS and Android.”

“We’re giving you end to end AES 256-bit encryption,” states John.  This is the same type of encryption that is found on BlackBerry smartphones connected to a BES server.
On the other hand, RIM is keeping it real.  They know their current platform isn’t ready to handle everything that consumers expect in a smartphone.  They know that even with BlackBerry 10, different people choose different personal devices such as iPhones and Android smartphones.   BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is designed to work with almost all devices employees might bring in. Once the BlackBerry 10 Jam Enterprise Edition is over, RIM is hoping that enterprises see the value in BlackBerry 10 as viable platform for their apps, the best option for company-issued smartphones, and the best mobile device management solution out there.