The BlackBerry Passport has taken the tech industry by storm since it was released last month. John Chen’s aim of winning over the hearts of professionals has been accomplished, as many executives are switching over to this device for their work needs. Mercedes AMG Petronas Executive Director, Toto Wolff, is no exception. Previously using the MacBook for his work needs, Wolff has ditched the Apple product and switched to Passport.

I have the Passport, which is really good, because it’s replaced my MacBook…” he said.

The Passport is not his only BlackBerry device. Wolff is a hardcore BlackBerry fan, as seen from his usage of a Q10 and a Bold 9700.

“And then I have a work phone that’s a BlackBerry, and a business phone that’s a BlackBerry. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

It’s not only the top executives at Mercedes who use BlackBerry for communication and other daily tasks. 200 others are BlackBerry users, including technicians and team members. BBM takes communication to the next level, especially for the IT team, who have used BBM for video calls on numerous occasions to communicate with other members across the globe, and get things done.

BlackBerry’s partnership with Mercedes has resulted in a lot more than just branding for the former. Mercedes have chosen BlackBerry as their mobile computing partner. This shows how keen Mercedes are on remaining one of BlackBerry’s major enterprise customers. Hopefully this partnership continues in the long run, benefiting both in different ways – marketing for BlackBerry, and better mobility for Mercedes.

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