Paragon Software let us know that they just released a Merriaum-Webster Dictionary app for the Blackberry platform.  Before you say “not another dictionary app,” this app includes something that no other dictionary apps (to my knowledge) have.  This application saves the dictionary database to your SD card, for offline access.  This is a feature that I know some out there have been waiting for and luckily the wait is over.  The Merriam-Webster app is fast, simple, and will help you find your definitions with ease.  I had the privilege of testing this app out the last few days, hit the jump for a full review.

When you first start up the app you will see a brief splash screen (shown above).  Then you will move into the main part of the app, which is a search of the database.  It searches as you type in each letter, so this could help you find the correct spelling of a word you’re unsure of.  The search is lightning fast, and pulls straight from the database, no data connection required.

When you find the word you’re looking for you can simply click on it, to access the definition of the word.  When looking at a definition, as you scroll to read the cursor will highlight each word you scroll through.  Menu click on any word and you can select to pull up a definition of that word.  The user interface might leave a little to be desired but I like the simplicity, and the good performance.

When you download the app you will be prompted to download the database.  The good news is that the file isn’t that large, at around 30MB it’s not going to take up much space on your memory card.  You have the option of downloading OTA (Wi-Fi or 3G preferred) or downloading via your desktop and adding to the memory card.  The best news is that there will be updates (free) for the database so when changes and updates are made you can update the database within the app to say up to date.
There are other dictionaries that they offer.  I was able to test out the Unabridged version but they also offer the Collegiate dictionary along with English to French and Spanish translating dictionaries.  The only bad things is the app will run you $60.00, but that does include the Collegiate dictionary with extended thesaurus, the Medical dictionary, English-French, French-English, English-Spanish, Spanish English all in one (totaling almost 200,000 entries).  For anyone looking for a solid dictionary app with offline capabilities this is your answer.  I give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Application: Merriam-Webster Dictionary Application
Developer: Paragon Software
Price: $59.95
Devices Supported: All Blackberry Devices
OS Supported: 4.5+