What’s better than a BlackBerry sitting next to you on a bedside table? How about above you as a BlackBerry chandelier. New York-based Michael McHale Designs have decided to work on “a limited series of chandeliers made out of CrackBerries.”

McHale designs is seeking old, unwanted BlackBerry devices for the project. “This was a design that was almost fetishized a few years ago. It was an artifact that was wasting away in people’s drawers… The trackball almost seemed to be an erogenous zone, so I replaced it with a bright red jewel… I wanted to accent the fact that it was a very special part of the BlackBerry,” said McHale.

Some of McHale’s past work has ranged from $167 to upwards of $15,000. McHale says the BlackBerry chandelier, called the Ozymandias Chandelier,  “won’t be cheap.”

via MarketWatch