It is Launch day in Canada!

As we all rush out to buy our Brand new BlackBerry Z10 we are going to want to get accessories.

The Stores will hopefully be full of them!  so buy them up so they realize the value of having stock!.

Ok Preaching aside the purpose of  this reports was to find; Is the price difference between a Class 10 and a Class 4 MicroSD card worth it?

I purchased from tigerdirect  2 16GB SanDisk microSDHC cards.  1 Class 10,  1 Class 4

$24.97 & $18.99 respectively.  I’m paying 33% more for the Class 10.

My Methods were simple.  Transfer a large amount of files from the SD Card to the device,  then back to the SD Card to test the REAL read & write speeds on the device.  I selected the wonderful TV Series Better Off Ted which was 4,772,928,550 bytes. can be found on BlackBerryWorld

I used my BlackBerry 9900 as my stop watch, and I’d start the timer as I pressed move each time, and end it as the device finished.

Class 4 device performed as follows

The Read Speed  which took  7:31, was 10582990 b/s or 10.1Mb/Second.

The write speed which took 17:18  was 4598197 b/s  or 4.4Mb/second

The Spec for Class for requires that write speed is a minimum of 4Mb/sec  which this device did.


Class 10 device performed as follows

The Read Speed which took 7:28 was 10653858 b/s or 10.16Mb/s

The write speed which tool 9:12 was 8646610 b/s or 8.24 Mb/s

The spec for the Class 10 requires that the write speed is a minimum 10Mb/s and as you can see from  my test the SanDisk performed under the write speed but nearly identical to the Class 4 with Read speed.


The question this poses for those of you on a budget.  WHAT do you expect to do most with your device?  if you’re planning to consume content such as Music and videos more so than download and save, or create content with the Camera,  it seems that the Class 4 SDHC card is the better buy.

Here are some pictures of the exciting event below.  I didn’t think a 40minute video would be enjoyed.