In the last two years, pretty much every major tech company in the world has been rumored to be looking into purchasing BlackBerry. A new report from DigiTimes suggests Microsoft is the latest to look in this direction in hopes to improve their footprint in the enterprise world.



According to DigiTimes’ sources, Microsoft has gotten some investment companies to evaluate whether purchasing BlackBerry is possible or not. Microsoft is looking to “enhance its competitiveness in the business mobile solution segment as well as its patent portfolio in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), mobile platform and communications sectors.”


The report also indicates that a few China-based smartphone manufacturers are also looking into acquiring BlackBerry to grow their footprint in the U.S. and Europe. As we all know, the likelihood of a Chinese company being allowed to purchase a Canadian company by local governments is slim to none, so I wouldn’t look too hard at those rumors.

As far as Microsoft goes, looking to acquire or invest in BlackBerry would make sense for them. However, whether BlackBerry is willing to be bought out is a completely different story. Their turnaround strategy is going really well so far, and CEO John Chen will more than likely want to keep looking forward for themselves instead of selling out to Microsoft. This isn’t the first or last time we will hear about a takeover of BlackBerry, so as always don’t freak out.