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Uber is getting bigger, and it’s not stopping any time soon. A new investor has decided to pony up some serious cash to get in on the Uber train, and it’s one that may surprise. According to a report from Bloomberg, Microsoft has finalized an investment with Uber of $100 million. This new cash injection launched the reported value of the world’s biggest startup to over $50 billion.

“We filed to authorize this new funding more than two months ago,” a spokeswoman for Uber told Bloomberg. “The filing is available to the public. We aren’t commenting on additional speculation.”


Uber continues to steamroll as it maintains the lead over every other company in its category. Its closest competitor in the ride-sharing business, Lyft, is valued at $2.5 billion – an impressive number on its own, but not anywhere near Uber’s worth. Microsoft’s investment only helps Uber widen that lead in 2015.


Microsoft has not confirmed or denied the investment report, and has not yet added any additional comment.

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