Microsoft recently revealed a startling new option available to application developers in a move to bolster the Windows 10 platform.

iOS and Android apps will now be supported in their porting to the Windows 10 mobile operating system.


You may recall, BlackBerry looked to garner new support from app developers in the same manner when they launched the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The QNX-based OS would later become known as BlackBerry 10 and it continued the support, including the option to fully emulate Android apps.

The support for iOS and Android apps had been relatively successful for BlackBerry. Now, Microsoft is literally taking a page from BlackBerry’s playbook.

Microsoft’s mobile marketshare only accounts for 3 percent. It hasn’t seen too much growth. However, Microsoft doesn’t plan to fully emulate iOS or Android apps on Windows 10. The current plan is to court the app developers with an easy porting solution to build Windows 10 apps.

Along with BlackBerry 10, Windows 10 has lacked support of the latest and greatest apps while they first get built for iOS and Android. Like BlackBerry had hoped, Microsoft is gambling their support for iOS and Android developers will pay off in the end.