Many BlackBerry customers were eagerly trying to persuade Microsoft, the developer of popular note taking app OneNote, to support BlackBerry 10.

However, according to OneNote’s program manager, Omeed Chandra, porting their Android version to BlackBerry 10 was just too hard to do and thusly not possible.

“Thanks for expressing your support for a BlackBerry version of OneNote. Our engineers have investigated the possibility of releasing the Android version of OneNote on BlackBerry, and unfortunately, it appears that will be difficult to do—we were hoping it would be easy to get OneNote for Android running on BB10, but that hasn’t been the case. Given our current priorities, and the work required to do this, we can’t commit to doing this for the foreseeable future. Sorry for the bad news, but we wanted to be clear about where we’re at and that we did investigate the possibility of doing this,” said Chandra in their customer forums.

Although, customers can access the Android version already from the Amazon app store. That version functions near perfectly with the exception of “capturing an image via camera in a note” says one commenter. Sadly, Chandra must not be aware that it’s quite easy to port an Android app’s APK to a loadable BlackBerry 10 BAR file.

Nevertheless, it’s disappointing to see the developers of another popular app seemingly take little or no time investigating the expansion of their apps to BlackBerry users.

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