A lot of family and friends of mine are vivid BlackBerry users. Some are in countries where phone subsidies don’t exist. Purchasing a phone can be very expensive so people are always looking for that perfect deal. BlackBerry 10 will soon bring two more devices that are scheduled to be introduced for those markets. These devices are also great for the markets like the U.S. because you can get the device for a much lesser price or even free on a two year contract, making them an easier sale.

We have seen already seen the rumored R- Series Qwerty device and we have been told of a mid range full touch screen device coming soon after. We have asked plenty of times about the Qwerty vs All touch debate but I was wondering if that matters in this mid range or low end segment. I love the idea of BlackBerry attacking both segments but wanted to know what you guys think.

If you are looking forward to the R- Series or the Mid Range full touch which one would you choose and why ? Lets start a debate in the comments!