Two days before RIM’s former co-CEOs announced they were handing over the reigns to Thorsten Heins, Mike Lazaridis purchased 3.1 million shares of RIM stock. RIM’s stock was valued at $15.90 per share, which totaled the purchase at nearly $50 million.

Mike’s purchase increases his total share count to 30 million, making him own roughly 5.7% of the company. This hefty purchase appears to back Lazaridis’ faith in RIM for the future. “We have built an incredibly strong, talented and experienced workforce,” he said in an interview after stepping down. “We have built a strong and experienced leadership team. So we know they can do it. We know they are ready. Going forward, it is up to them, but everything they need is there.”

When Thorsten Heins was announced as new CEO, RIM share tumbled nearly 7%. As Heins continues to conduct more interviews and push faith in RIM, stocks have seen a significant boost and nearly at $18 per share.

via TheStar