A few days ago, BlackBerry announced its largest order in company history from an “established partner”. An order for one million BlackBerry 10 devices has been placed.

While quite the accomplishment, let us clarify on it further. The order wasn’t for one specific device. Had the partner placed an order for one million BlackBerry Z10s, you can bet that BlackBerry would have certainly boasted much more. Though, a sale for one million devices is still quite a feat.

The order for one million devices is across the entire BlackBerry 10 device portfolio (however many devices that includes is unknown). Who then was the buyer?

BlackBerry wasn’t keen to announce the partner in their press release. This is pretty much industry standard practice. Whomever was the buyer, likely hadn’t yet given permission or completely did not approve of being in the announcement.

This has led to many speculations into who the buyer might have been. Perhaps the buyer could have been a US carrier. Although, the US market has a lot of uncertainty to the success of such a new mobile platform, especially BlackBerry. There would have to be a lot of instilled faith for a carrier to place such a large order.

Analyst Brian Blair from Wedge Partners says he agrees it may not be a carrier, “We don’t believe any carriers would take that much risk out of the gate without some indications of demand.”

Then perhaps the buyer may have been a global distributor. “It would be easier for a distributor, particularly a global one, to commit to a million units over an extended period and across numerous devices,” says Blair.

It has been suggested that Brightpoint could likely be that “established partner”. It is one of the largest mobile device distributors world-wide and has had a long-standing relationship with BlackBerry.

The purchase for the one million BlackBerry 10 devices will probably not make it to the year-end and Q4 earnings call on March 28th. Since the order was for multiple devices (Z10, Q10, and whatever else BlackBerry may release this year) we likely will see those orders spread across multiple quarters.

Nonetheless, this looks to be just one more achievement to add to the success of BlackBerry 10. Let us know in the comments who you think the buyer may have been.