One of BlackBerry’s partners put in an order for one million BlackBerry 10 phones. There was much speculation over who the buyer might have been.

A new report from Detwiler Fenton, which was confirmed by AlthingsD, claims the buyer was company Brightstar. Detwiler says Brightstar is used by Verizon Wireless to handle “big-box retail and dealer agent channels.”

In their note, Detwiler believes Verizon is relying on Brightstar to help thwart inventory risks. “It suggests Verizon doesn’t believe this will be a strong seller [BlackBerry Z10], since it normally tries to allocate hot product on its own,” said Detwiler Fenton managing director Mark Gerber.

We initially thought the buyer would have been Brightpoint, a company very similar to Brightstar. We will likely hear whether this news is confirmed to be true or not in the earnings call on March 28th.